Fotona TightSculpting®

 Fotona TightSculpting® is a unique dual-wavelength, non-invasive laser treatment for sculpting and skin tightening on all body areas. The exclusive delivery modes are used in concert for hyperthermic adipocyte destruction and collagen remodeling with exceptional results. The procedure is a fast, safe and effective non-invasive alternative to laser lipolysis, with no consumables or downtime.

With its unique blend of Nd:YAG and Er:YAG lasers, Fotona stands out as a versatile solution for clients seeking effective aesthetic body enhancements.

Who is suitable for TightSculpting?

The treatment is suitable for anyone who wants to tighten their skin and get closer to their ideal body shape. It is, however, not an instant weight loss solution. The effects are optimal if combined with a healthy lifestyle, good nutrition and exercise.

Imagine a technology that understands your skin’s needs deeply.

TightSculpting is performed using a two step approach and is perfect for those looking to tighten and contour their bodies without going under the knife. By using extended pulses of Nd:YAG laser, it targets stubborn fat cells, leaving you with smoother, firmer skin. Then the Er:YAG SMOOTH mode  adds an extra boost by stimulating collagen production, giving your skin that youthful bounce it craves.

Whether you’re in your 30s looking to maintain your youthful glow or in your 60s seeking to revitalize your skin, Fotona laser technology has got you covered, delivering remarkable results that will leave you feeling confident.