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About Us

Where Passion Meets Precision

When you visit Image Clinic, your image is our top priority.
Our team is dedicated to providing the highest level of personalized care for people seeking cosmetic rejuvenation.


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Acne Treatments

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Laser Rejuventation

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Our Philosophy

Where change begins

Our focus is on helping our clients achieve their cosmetic goals.
We provide the most leading edge and effective techniques, products, and technology in the industry to help our clients attain the results they want to see.

Clients want to know that their concerns and desires will be heard and understood, that is why the staff of professionals at Image Aesthetics Clinic are dedicated to the art of listening.

Whether you are considering a soft lift, skin rejuvenation, Botox, or any other cosmetic procedure, we will ensure to use an artistic approach to create a natural look for each client.

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Experience the Magic of Our Clinic

Expert Team

Our Experienced Specialists

Alba Campos


As the owner and operator of Image Clinic. Her passion as a Registered Nurse has now expanded her career into the medical aesthetics field. Having such a detailed approach to every beauty concern her clients have, Alba provides safe and effective treatments that are unmatched in the industry. She proves her passion daily in all of her work and strives to bring the best results and experience to every client that comes to Image Clinic.

Graduating from the University of Windsor to expanding her education throughout Canada and the US, the strength in her background has allowed her to work with confidence in the field every day. The time spent in medical aesthetics has been nothing but rewarding for Alba at her clinic as she educates each of her clients that continue to walk confidently through the doors.

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Juliana Canto


With over 17 years of experience in Medical Aesthetics and Pharmaceutical Skincare, Juliana has made a wonderful addition to our team.

Juliana specializes in anti-aging treatments, facial rejuvenation, chemical peels, laser services and corrective skincare.

She is devoted to finding the most effective treatments to ensure the best possible results and educates her clients on how to effectively maintain their skin at home for long lasting results.

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April Richardson


April’s dedication to creating a welcoming environment and delivering consistent excellence across all touchpoints truly sets her apart in the field of Medical Aesthetics.

She ensures that all aspects of the clinic and services operate smoothly, safely and efficiently. Serving as the first point of contact, she prioritizes the client experience, ensuring that every individual feels completely at ease when entering our doors. She thrives on building authentic relationships with her team as well as with our clients.

Her warm and welcoming demeanor, coupled with her exceptional product knowledge, and extensive training and certifications in Medical Aesthetics procedures, guarantees a smooth and cohesive client journey that spans from the initial appointment scheduling to the final stages of treatment.